Crooked Kitchen Infused Gummies



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Crooked Kitchen Infused Gummies Category-Edibles

Brand: Crooked Kitchen

Authenticity: Authentic, CA Licensed

Crooked Kitchen Infused Gummies

Infused with liquid diamonds

Side effects include positive vibes, relaxed mood, reduce pain, a general sense of awesomeness, uncontrollable joy and laughter

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600 MG

Infused with Liquid Diamonds

600 mg per piece

10 pack per bag


Jedi Candy 600mg, Smash Berries 600mg, Zach Attack 600mg, Jedi Candy 1pack, Smash Berries 1pack, Zach Attack 1pack

What is the suggest use for Crooked Kitchen  Gummies?

Suggested use would be a half to one gummy to test your tolerance with these and lessen or up your dosage on your next session. These will definitely give you a cleaner high than most edibles as the Crooked Kitchen  Gummies is of super high quality. These can be used for rest and relaxation, pain, and insomnia. They will knock you out!

Crooked Kitchen  Gummies is their new line of super fire gummies and it will kick you in the face! If you know and love Crooked Kitchen  gummies you know that they come with the best taste and highest potency.

Crooked Kitchen Gummies like all consumable cannabinoids, typically take around 45 minutes to an hour before they kick in. However, times can vary for different people based on a variety of reasons. It has to go through your digestive system and liver before entering your bloodstream, so factors like your metabolism make a difference; Age, weight, gender and genetics are all other factors that can play a part in the absorption times. If you still haven’t felt the effects after an hour, don’t rush to take another right away. Wait another hour because for some individuals the factors previously mentioned can cause a delayed effec


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