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Crave Carts

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Buy crave carts Online

Buy crave carts. Here at Crave Meds, we strive to produce some of the best products in the industry. Anything produced at our facilities is held to extreme safety and quality standards.

Crave Meds produces superior Cannabis products in California.

Our Cartridges are produced with only CAT-3 Licensed Distillate and natural Cannabis-Derived Terpenes.

All Crave Meds products are marked with a unique serial number and corresponding QR code/pin combo. Verifying your Crave Meds product through our system gives you easy access to lab tests and ensures the authenticity of your product.

Crave cart are very pure in nature  and they come in disposables that is battery free. They have THC up to 86.02% and is mostle been use for anxiety and pains.

Crave meds carts are been made or extracted from California’s finest strains and it is well distilled and pure.

We offer great services and as well as other good thc products

Our Promises:

  • Uphold strict safety standards
  • Only provide products we would personally consume
  • Provide verification for all Crave products
  • Ensure access to lab results
  • Protect our customers from counterfeits
  • Provide the best possible product to the end-users.

How to choose the best live resin cart

When choosing a live resin cart, you should be looking at the balance of both terpenes and cannabinoids found in the live resin. For example, products with 99% pure cannabinoids don’t leave any room for the terpenes responsible for the flavor and aroma. This means that if you care about the taste of your dabs, you shouldn’t be looking for the highest possible potency but total cannabinoid content and terpene content as well.

You should also take into consideration what terpenes are dominant in the live resin carts in question. These will give you a good idea of the flavor and effects.

Low-quality cartridges are typically made with simple plastics that leach chemicals into your concentrates. These plastic carts can also trap the terpenes inside.  They may also contain impurities such as propylene glycol or glycerin which can cause allergies in some users while diminishing potency and taste.

High-quality cartridges, on the other hand, (the ones you’ll find sold in dispensaries) are made using glass, metal, or ceramic and are sealed well and free of any potentially dangerous chemicals. For the sake of your health and peace of mind, you should only purchase your live resin carts from reputable sources that can provide lab tests results with every cart.



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