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Buy Fryd Disposables contain premium cannabis extract and terpenes. Discover new blends for a potent and flavorful vaping experience. Each disposable vape is 2 grams, comes as an all-in-one device, and is ready to use. These disposables feature a USB rechargeable port, offering both convenience and portability.

Experience the pure essence of cannabis with Fryd Extracts Disposables, where full-spectrum potency meets unparalleled convenience. These disposables bring you the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial compounds without any artificial flavors, offering an authentic taste of nature’s finest strains.

Perfect for on-the-go use, each Fryd disposable is eco-friendly, pre-charged, and ready to deliver the comprehensive benefits of cannabis directly to your senses. Choose us for a genuine, high-quality vaping experience that respects both your wellness and the environment.

Packaging Box

  • full 50 Pack Box has 50 Dispos
  • full 5 Pack Box has 5 Dispos


Premium Cannabis Oil, Liquid Diamonds and/or Live Resin. We focus on using high-quality, safe ingredients, avoiding harmful additives like Vitamin E acetate, which has been linked to vaping-related illnesses.


Our disposables redefine vaping with their dessert-inspired flavors, showcasing a unique commitment to quality and consumer taste preferences. This focus on sweet, rich profiles enhances the vaping experience, making each puff a satisfying journey into indulgence.


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